I have been approved for the Beta Testers Program, what can I do now?

Now you have access to your Jupyter Notebook instance, where you can create Notebooks using Python. It is really simple to get very nice results with just a chunk of code. If you need inspiration or just need to see a little bit how it works, please have a look in our blog page where we constantly publish tutorials, so that you can have a kick start.

Will I have to pay for PlutoHash Services?

We deliver it for free. However, infrastructure, improvement and maintenance of our system is costly. We offer you to work on big and varied amounts of data. Every user has access to hundreds and hundreds of Gigabytes of data and the necessary processing power to analyze them. This involves big investments in infrastructure. In the future if costs get unbearable we’ll have to choose to limitate access to services, or maybe we will limit the amounts of data or queries, or go for a subscription plan for who will use it for professional services. Our will is to continue to offer free services or at a very low cost.

Where can I find other data scientists to share experiences and help?

Join the official PlutoHash Slack channel where you can find other talents to share code, hints, help. We also live there so you can get help right away. You can always send us an email at support@plutohash.com.

For what purposes can I use PlutoHash services?

Well use of blockchain analysis has many different purposes. You can see this blog post that shows some of them. But our main goal remains to find smarter people than us. We think that even more important to get answers is to imagine the right questions. And, well, this is up to you. What can be asked, merging different kinds of big data with blockchains, cryptocurrencies market data, sentiment analysis? It’s up to you. It is a new horizon, a new ocean to explore. We give you a little boat and try to blow a little wind onto your sails.

Why can’t I access my Notebooks?

Well this can happen because we are balancing the experience and the amount of researchers that are using the system. Don’t worry, all your chunks of code are still there, just be patient, when the system will check there is space to maintain a good performance level, you’ll get access again. We are continuously upgrading and expanding our system. Sometimes you can’t access because the system can go in maintenance mode, for overall improvement or simply because we are updating the blockchain data and the databases. We’ll let you know of the downtime periods, just check you have subscribed to our mailing list.